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Choosing your Builder

There are plenty of reasons and advantages for building a new home, but regardless of the reason, the process of choosing a builder should remain the same.

We offer the following advice to prospective homeowners with their eyes set on building a dream home to call their own.

  • Look for a builder with a solid reputation. 

    A builder’s reputation speaks volumes, but it doesn’t have to speak for istself. That’s because a builder who has spent years providing personal service, innovative design and quality workmanship will no doubt have a host of happy former customers ready and willing to offer their input. If during the interview process a builder appears reticent to share his work or experiences with previous customers, this should be a red flag. Reputable builders will be proud of their work and more than willing to show it off.

  • Find a builder who is flexible.You will be paying to build your home, not the builder’s home. A builder should be flexible and ready and willing to meet your needs, no matter how unique they might be.
  • Look for a builder who does more than build. 

    A good builder should do more than just build. A builder should provide a network of qualified professionals to make the process go more smoothly. This network should include real estate and building consultants, interior designers, architects and engineers. Such connections can provide peace of mind and will also illustrate that a builder is both respected in the community and is intent on ensuring your home becomes the dream home you envision it to be.

  • Don’t build on the cheap. 

    Buyers who plan to build their own home are in the unique position to ensure their home is as safe and high-quality as possible. This isn’t always the case when buying a resale, so make the most of your opportunity and use only top-of-the-line construction materials and features and choose a builder with experience in working with such materials and features. Building on the cheap could prove disastrous in the not too distant future, so don’t sacrifice on quality when building a new home.